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Woodsure Ready To Burn

Burning wet wood is inefficient as it demands a lot of heat to boil off the water before the appliance can give out the proper level of heat to the room, hot water or heating system. In turn, this creates a lot of smoke which damages the chimney and blackens the appliance and contributes to air pollution. Dry wood that has been properly sourced and seasoned means it produces fewer particulates, more heat efficiency and less maintenance – chimneys are less likely to block and will remain easier to sweep.

Woodsure is the UK's only quality assurance certification scheme for woodfuel. It is a not-for-profit organisation, striving to raise the quality of woodfuel in the industry and does so by comprehensively checking woodfuel producers that are part of the scheme, to ensure that they produce and supply woodfuel to the correct standard.

The Ready to Burn certification mark is available to log suppliers who can demonstrate to Woodsure that their ready to burn logs have a moisture content consistently below 20%. The scheme has the backing of DefraHETAS, the Stove Industry Alliance and Industry representatives.

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