I Hart Firewood and Forestry Contracting
I Hart Firewood and Forestry Contracting 

We specialise in tree and hedge planting and the after care involved with young trees, including spraying, weeding, grass cutting, and restocking. Tree planting is carried out either by hand or, if the site allows, by planting machine. We can mark out areas to be planted to achieve the required stocking rates. Plants can be supplied or we can plant trees supplied by you. We also provide a thinning and pruning service for older woodlands, using a combination of hand tools, chainsaws, polesaws, brushcutters, a compact forwarder and large forwarding trailers.

We carry out first thinning and mature woodland thinning as well as small clear fell jobs. We are always interested in buying standing timber and all relevant felling licences can be arranged. All work is done to a high standard and all relevant insurance details and certificates are available on request.

For more information, please see the Contact Us page or go to Youtube and type
woodlandgroundcare in the search box.

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