I Hart Firewood and Forestry Contracting
I Hart Firewood and Forestry Contracting 

BSL authorised & Ready To Burn accredited supplier of quality barn stored and kiln dried hardwood logs.

Using our small compact equipment, we harvest over 1000 tonnes of timber per year from local estates and woodlands. We then grade this timber into milling, firewood or biomass quality.  We only use the best quality timber for our firewood, the rest goes into our biomass boiler to kiln dry our logs or to other biomass markets. Logs are sold in cubic metre volumes and delivered in small tipper loads up to 3 cubic metres.  Bulk loads can also be arranged for delivery with tractor and trailer or lorry. Alternatively, if you only require a small number of logs, we can provide log nets straight to your door.


For customers that require exceptionally dry firewood, we have kiln dried logs.  Our seasoned barn dried logs have a moisture content of 20% or less whereas our kiln dried logs have a moisture content of 15% or lower.  Standard log sizes for kiln dried are 6 inch or 8 inch - other sizes can be ordered and dried on request.  


We deliver our seasoned barn and kiln dried hardwood logs to customers living in and around Stamford, Bourne, Grantham and Melton Mowbray. Prices quoted on our website include delivery. We also offer a stacking service.


As well as logs, we supply bags of kindling and firelighters.


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