I Hart Firewood and Forestry Contracting
I Hart Firewood and Forestry Contracting 


Prices are for all towns and villages within a 10 mile radius of Osgodby (NG33 4JH). Please call or text 07968 174905 for out of area prices or email iainhart@hotmail.com.

Kindling nets (approx 12kg): £6.50 each

Log nets: £5 each


1/2 a cubic metre load: £45
1 cubic metre load: £75
2 cubic metre load: £140
3 cubic metre load: £195

Kiln dried logs: £90 per cubic metre


Stacking service: £10 per cube 

For large orders and wholesale prices, please call Iain on 07498 250931 or email iainhart@hotmail.com.

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